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This page provides access to a number of office forms and questionnaires. Dr. Garber will ask that you print, complete and return (either paper or scanned pdf copies of) paperwork relevant to the service provided. In some cases, Dr. Garber will email or mail via the USPS the relevant paperwork.

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                                    family-based treatment
                                    preliminary forms for court-related
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Over more than thirty years of child clinical and family law practice, Dr. Garber has created numerous tools, forms and questionnaires with which to streamline and standardize the process of understanding and serving children's needs. Ten of these original, child-centered forensic family evaluation questionnaires are now available to you in the form of a book, "Ten Child-Centered Forensic family Evaluation Tools."

Included in this book are forms and questionnaires you can use immediately, including:

  • Developmental History
  • "The Child's World"
  • Parenting Priorities Worksheet
  • Adult History Questionnaire

Ten Forensic Family Forms

top of page  Court-related preliminary forms and questionnaires.

Court-related interventions and evaluations are more time- and cost-efficient when paperwork is completed early in the process. Dr. Garber will deliver paperwork specific to your situation in advance of services and may request that all paperwork is completed and returned to his attention before initial interviews can be scheduled.

When more than one person is involved in the intended service (e.g., when co-parents are participating in parenting coordination or in an evaluation), paperwork must be completed and returned from ALL parties before first interviews can be scheduled.

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