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This page is an opportunity to keep current with events that bear on understanding child and family development, psychotherapy, and family law. The bits and pieces that follow are part blog, part case law, and part second hand news bits.

Updates to this page are not routine. Check back often or reach Dr. Garber directly with questions Contact Dr. Garber

Please take the contents of this page as a starting place only. If you read something of interest, go learn more.

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Dr. Garber is not a lawyer. He reads case law as it pertains to specific areas of interest (e.g., "mature minor" statutes, custody rulings, move-away and grandparents' rights matters, TPR) and as he stumbles across it in his work. Cases are mentioned here as they pertain to his work and -by virtue of your presence here - your interests.

Children's rights to confidentiality trumps parents' wish to use child therapy in custody litigation

Berg v. Berg
NH Supreme Ct

read more here
Fascinating Canadian case about child's voice and judge's role

2011 SKQB 415

read more here
California Supreme Ct ruling that a parent's [physical] disability is not in and of itself sufficient to determine custody
Marriage of Carney CA 24 3rd 725

read more here
NH Supreme Ct ruling about mother who made serial false abuse allegations against father

Miller v Todd

read mre here
NH Board of psychologists cannot breach patient confidentiality without a court order

NH Board of Psychologists v. Young

Read more here

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Unless otherwise specified, trainings and talks are by invitation only and restricted to paid participants by association with the sponsoring organization. To invite Dr. Garber to conduct a training or a talk in your area, read more here Read more

Invited keynote, plenary participant and
seminar, "the voice of the child:
San Diego CA
September 14
"Reunification therapies from the bench"
Minnesota Judicial
December 1, 2016
The voice of the child in high conflict family law matters” Wisc AFCC
Milw, WI)
Sept 16, 2016
"Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle"
Kids First Center Freeport, ME
Oct 20, 2016


Dr. Garber provides one-on-one and small group mentoring to family law professionals in specific areas of family law, child and family development, functioning and assessment. These opportunities are contracted individually upon request. The next is scheduled for October, 2016. Read more here read more here

top of page Random thoughts

10.06.2016: Here's the crux of the problem:

"The law's concept of the family rests
on a presumption that parents possess
what a child lacks in maturity, experience
and capacity for judgment required for
making life's difficult decisions."

Parham v J.R., 442 US Supreme Court 584, 602 (1979)


Here's the litmus test for every parent: Would you be proud to learn that, twenty years from now, your son or daughter saw you looking back from the mirror?

Our goal as healthy parents should be to be proud of the model we set for our kids.


While preparing an upcoming presentation, I realized that the ancient African saying is only half right. It does take a village to raise a child.

It takes villagers who are willing to communicate, cooperate and respect one another to raise a healthy child.

Ask yourself, "Do I love my child more than I despise my co-parent?"


HealthyParent.com website is rebooted ahead of June 1 deadline. The redesign and update of all substance accompanies the April introduction of Dr. Garber's break-away new enterprise, Family Law Consulting, PLLC, now accessible at www.FamilyLawConsulting.org.

HealthyParent.com and FamilyLawConsulting.org work hand-in-hand to focus parents, agencies, communities and courts on children and their needs.

"The Healthy Parent's ABCs"
"Keeping Kids Out Of The MIddle"
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"Roadmap to the Parenting Plan Workbook"

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