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Office policies and procedures

This page summarizes policies and procedures relevant to the provision
of both clinical and court-related (forensic) services in Dr. Garber's office.

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About confideniality
About safety
New Hampshire Bill of Patient

Be a strong self-advocate.

Please take the time to read this page through completely.
Don't hesitate to contact Dr. Garber at any time to
clarify or elaborate upon any question that might arise.

Dr. Garber is committed to assuring that you know your rights under the law,
that you are fully informed about the nature and limitations of services being provided,
and that your needs are recognized and respected at all times.

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In response to the COVID-19 health crisis and always erring on the side of caution,
Dr. Garber has temporarily suspended face-to-face professional contacts.
Clinical services are now being provided via electronic distance media
(e.g., telephone, VOIP, and video conference platforms).
With apologies for interruptions of care and inconveniences associated
with devices and communication infrastructure,
this is the best means of continuing to meet clinical needs.

Engaging in clinical services via electronic distance media
requires your consent and/or the consent of others involved in your particular situation.
For details, please reach Dr. Garber at any time at

The appropriate consent form is provided here:

Access the media consent form here

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About payment for services

All services provided are billed on an hourly basis.

Clinical services (e.g., psychotherapy) are billed based on a 50-minute clinical hour. Payment is requested in full at the time of service. Dr. Garber does not communicate with or bill any third party (insurance) carriers. You may be eligible for third party (insurance) reimbursement directly. Read more here Read more here

Court-related (forensic) services (e.g., parenting coordination, family systems evaluation) are billed based on a 60-minute hour. Payment is either due in full at the time of service and/or is deducted from retainer funds held against anticipated costs. These details are clarified in advance of service provision as part of a Service Agreement that Dr. Garber will prepare specific to the proposed service. Read more here Read more here

Payment is accepted in the form of cash, personal check, or credit card (via PayPal) unless specified in advance of service. Additional fees may be associated with returned payments and/or credit card processing costs.

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  Dr. Garber does not bill third party (insurance) carriers.

Dr. Garber will not communicate with or bill any third party (insurance) carrier. Payment is due in full at the time of service. You may be eligible to receive third party reimbursement directly from your carrier subsequent to making payment.

Dr. Garber withdrew from participation in all third party (insurance) reimbursement contracts in 1999 in the belief that (1) the diagnostic labels required, recorded and electronically stored by these agencies compromise participants' privacy and can needlessly restrict future endeavors, and (2) the intrusions imposed by these agencies in the form of oversight, record review and approval take control of the process out of the hands of the client and the provider.

Third party (insurance) agencies commonly require that an individual be identified as the "patient" with a diagnosed "illness" in order to consider whether the costs incurred will be reimbursed in part or in whole. This requirement is artificial and destructive as when, for example, a child's distress is the result of family turmoil.

Dr. Garber will provide you with a receipt for services rendered at the time of service. You can choose to submit this receipt for reimbursement directly yourself. Please be aware that this receipt may identify the family name as the "client" or "patient" rather than a particular individual. This receipt will also lack a DSM or ICD diagnostic label unless specifically agreed and understood by all involved.

Dr. Garber will provide you with reasonable documentation in support of your efforts to obtain third party (insurance) reimbursement upon request but will not communicate directly with your carrier.

Recognizing that the costs of unreimbursed clinical services can be quite significant, please feel free to discuss reduced fees with Dr. Garber.

Court-related (forensic) services are not health-related services and are not eligible for third party (insurance) reimbursement.

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  Confidentiality, privilege and privacy
All three words generally refer to how much control you have over the information that you share with Dr. Garber. 

Confidentiality refers to your therapist's responsibility to protect the information that you choose to share with him or her. With a number of important exceptions (see below), adults can expect that their therapist will not reveal anything about you to others.

Privilege refers to your control over the information that you share.

Privacy is not a legally definable or enforceable concept with regard to psychological services, but is an important part of any respectful relationship, as when a parent allows a teenager to speak "privately" to a therapist, acknowledging the limitations imposed on this guarantee under the law.

Dr. Garber will do everything possible within the law to respect the confidentiality of the psychotherapy relationship and to work within the limitations of privilege inherent in the legal process. There are, however, certain situations which legally mandate the release of what might otherwise be construed as confidential or privileged information. These include, but may not be limited to:
Informed Consent or "Release". In most instances, the legal client/patient can authorize release of confidential records to specific individuals and/or to obtain information from specific individuals in writing.

Threats to Health and Safety. The law requires that any health service provider act to assure safety first and foremost. This means that any time that Dr. Garber suspects that an individual poses a threat to their own health and well-being or to others' safety, personnel including the police and/or child protective services must be notified.

Other legal mandates. Otherwise confidential and/or privileged information can be demanded under subpoena, via court order, or exposed as part of administrative review. In every instance possible, Dr. Garber will alert you to these circumstances as they arise and take reasonable steps to assure your privacy.

Please keep in mind that electronic communications
are vulnerable to interception,
misdirection and inadvertent disclosure.
Your choice to address otherwise confidential or privileged
information via electronic media
including but not limited to e-mail constitutes
informed consent and acknowledgement of these limitations.

You may aditionally be required to endorse
the following consent/assent form:

Media consent

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  Appointments and cancellations. 

All services are provided by appointment only. Dr. Garber cannot provide walk-in services and has limited ability to respond in case of emergency.

In case of emergency, dial 9-1-1
or go to the local hospital emergency room.
Dr. Garber cannot provide 24/7 emergency response.

Dr. Garber typically schedules appointments on the hour, from 8:00 a.m. through 6:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday.

In general, cancellation within one business day of a scheduled service will incur the full cost of scheduled services except in instances of extreme weather, abrupt illness or injury.

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  Your physical and emotional safety are always the first priority:

  • Dr. Garber's office is smoke-free and handicapped accessible.
  • Dr. Garber's office is NOT peanut-free
  • Under no condition are weapons of any kind permitted within the building. Police will be notified immediately if there is any reason to suspect the presence of a weapon on campus.
  • Please alert Dr. Garber immediately if you have been granted or are subject to a restraining order of any kind. Your choice to breach a restraining order (e.g., to attend co-parenting counseling or parenting coordination) can invalidate the order and may leave you subject to legal action. 
  • You are always free to excuse yourself from continuing in any service provided in Dr. Garber's office at any time.

Please alert Dr. Garber immediately if you have specific needs
in order to assure your comfort and safe

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