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Sample Parenting Coordination Service Agreement
Sample Parenting Coordination Service

What is a Service Agreement?

This page explains the concept of a Service Agreement in generic terms. The Service Agreement that Dr. Garber prepares for you is likely to differ from this description in significant ways.

  • A Service Agreement is a document that details the nature and limits of a proposed service. It is a contract between Dr. Garber and one or more identified parties to engage in a specific psychological evaluation or intervention.
  • Most court-related services and some clinical services provided in Dr. Garber's office require a Service Agreement.
  • Your endorsement of the Service Agreement that Dr. Garber provides is a necessary first step to the provision of the service. You are under no obligation to endorse the Service Agreement, but Dr. Garber may decline to proceed in the absence of all parties' informed consent. 
  • You are free to review the Service Agreement with others (e.g., your attorney) as you deem appropriate to your needs. Unless otherwise specified, children should not be alerted to, informed of or given access to the Service Agreement.
  • The Service Agreement will specify:
    • Who is the "client" or "patient" being served
    • The intended goal or outcome of the service
    • The process of the service; that is, how the intended goal will be achieved
    • The cost of the service, how and when it will be paid and by whom
    • How Dr. Garber will collect data relevant to provision of the service (e.g., whether you will be required to provide informed consent to allow access to academic, medical, psychological and/or legal records).
    • The expected time frame or duration of the service.
    • Conditions under which the service may be terminated or is subject to renewal
    • Your options for complaint if you are not pleased with the service or the service product (e.g., the summary report).
    • Your informed consent to allow electronic communications and/or Dr. Garber's communications with other professionals (e.g., the Guardian ad litem).

Sample Service Agreements are provided at left and right. These are samples only. The Service Agreement that Dr. Garber prepares for you may differ in significant ways. Click on a thumbnail image to learn more

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Sample "reunification"
Service Agreement

Reunification Service Agreement

Sample CCFE
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