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Professional Training Opportunities

Dr. Garber provides advanced professional training in child and family psychotherapies and family law, including child, parent and family assessment techniques relevant to child custody, divorce and post-divorce litigation.

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  • Dr. Garber brings a wealth of experience and expertise to training, with a particular focus on child and family development as these bear on therapeutic process and legal intervention. At least equally valuable is Dr. Garber's skill using PowerPoint to entertain, illustrate and make tangible and immediate the needs and tremendous capacities of children.
  • Dr. Garber prepares every training specifically to the intended audience, mixing jurisdiction-specific details and contemporary events with humor and video to make critical child-centered concepts crisp, clear and practical for same-day application.
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top of page Selecting a speaker
Your annual meeting and sponsored continuing education opportunities reflect on your organization. The speaker's ability to engage participants, to recognize and respond to their needs, to entertain and to provide something new and useful not only benefits your organization, but the children and families that your membership serves.

Dr. Garber does all of this. He will work with your organization's planning committee to create a training that brings participants up-to-date, keeps them interested, refuels their compassion and sharpens their skills.

Dr. Garber brings a unique blend of expertise in child and family development, psychotherapies and family law to bear on every training. This perspective opens participants' eyes and broadens their views on children, families and their needs.
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top of page  Sample trainings
The titles listed below are provided as examples, only. Each is a full-day (6-8 hour) training that Dr. Garber recently conducted. Use these as a starting place to discuss possible topics with your planning committee and with Dr. Garber directly. Please do not read this as a menu inclusive of all possibilities.

Any training can be modified for length, expanding or contracting the depth of presentation, the use of case study materials and the opportunities for discussion with participants accordingly. Presentations can be as brief as 60 minutes or as in-depth as spanning two back-to-back days.

Click on a title of interest to learn more, then return to this page to read further.

Repairing the polarized family: Balancing the child's needs, the court's orders and your liability

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Conceptualize parenting;
Consensualize parenting plans

read more here

Process-oriented family evaluation:
Understanding the child both within and between dyads

read more here

Systemic confounds
and the voice of the child

read more here

Choreographing Transitions
Between High Conflict Caregivers

read more here

One size must never fit all!
Child and family development for family law professionals

read more here

Keeping kids out of the middle:
Strategies for child-centered clinicians
and family law professionals

read more here

top of page Costs and conditions
  • Dr. Garber will request a stipend for provision of each training opportunity in addition to full remuneration of travel, room and board.
  • Costs vary as a function of preparation time, presentation time, travel time and expenses and each organization's resources.
  • Dr. Garber will work with your organization to make costs reasonable.
  • Costs can sometimes be depleted by incorporating group book purchases.

Please reach Dr. Garber directly to discuss your training needs, topics, schedules and associated costs
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top of page  Travel
  • Dr. Garber will drive within a three- to four-hour radius of his office in Nashua, New Hampshire except in extreme weather.
  • Dr. Garber prefers to fly from Manchester, New Hampshire (MHT). When connections and flight times are prohibitive, Dr. Garber will fly from Boston Logan (BOS).

top of page Intensive Peer Mentoring
Dr. Garber provides an alternative to conventional large group continuing education programs for family law professionals interested in fine-tuning child-centered skills in one or more specific areas of practice.

Intensive Peer Mentoring is a small group (usually three professionals) three day empirically grounded, child-centered, case-oriented consultative service. For details, please see the sample Service Agreement Read more here

This intensive, advanced training includes:
  • Grounding in relevant ethics, guidelines and standards of practice by jurisdiction and guild.
  • Survey of the relevant literature
  • Review and constructive critique of (sanitized) sample reports
  • Review of relevant assessment and intervention instruments
  • "Devil's advocate" argument for and against current practices
  • Role play enactments of relevant deposition and testimony

Intensive Peer Mentoring is a form of consultation. It does not constitute supervision. Dr. Garber cannot accept liability for participants' professional conduct.

Intensive Peer Mentoring does not presently qualify for continuing education credits. Dr. Garber will take reasonable steps to support participant efforts to acquire relevant credits on a case-by-case basis.

Learn more about Intensive Peer Mentoring here Learn more here

Reach Dr. Garber directly to discuss these opportunities learn more here

top of page Details
Experience has proven that the effort to anticipate the minutiae of each training helps to avoid frustrating delays and catastrophic failures. While some contingencies cannot be avoided (e.g., cancelled flights, electrical failures mid-presentation), others can. With this in mind, the following details are respectfully requested:
  • Dr. Garber travels with his own (PC) laptop and associated hardware including a remote PowerPoint controller. Nevertheless, it is useful to have both a back-up remote controller and a mini HDMI-USB adapter available.
  • Dr. Garber's presentations routinely include audio and video clips. The PowerPoint projector should be equipped for both.
  • Dr. Garber wanders as he speaks. A podium and fixed microphone are seldom useful. Instead, a walk-about lavaliere microphone is strongly preferred.
  • Dr. Garber will routinely offer to provide participants with access to the entire PowerPoint program and extensive supporting written materials (e.g., case law, research studies). Please consider whether your organization would prefer:
    • Materials delivered in advance in pdf format for print and physical distribution and, if so, which materials? The total package of print materials for a given presentation can exceed 200 pages.
    • Materials delivered in advance in pdf format to be burned to a CD-ROM or copied onto thumb-drives for distribution?
    • And/or all materials uploaded to Dr. Garber's website so that participants can be alerted in advance and can access materials at their leisure and print as they deem appropriate?

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