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One Size Must Never Fit All!
Child And Family Development
For Family Law Professionals

Evaluating children, providing them psychotherapy and writing parenting plans intended to suit their unique needs all require a comprehensive knowledge of child and family development. It is not sufficient to understand the child's present needs. We must work to anticipate how those needs are likely to grow and change tomorrow. In particular, if we can write developmentally-informed parenting plans, we might reduce conflcted parents' needs for revolving door litigation.

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One Size Must Never Fit All!
Child And Family Development
For Family Law Professionals

Family law professionals commonly have little or no training in child and family development, and yet are regularly faced with critical decisions that bear on the well-being of children and their families.
"One size must never fit all!" introduces the idea that development follows a similar course at a pace unique to each of us. Parenting plans must, therefore, be uniquely tailored to each child's idiosyncratic strengths and weaknesses.
This advanced presentation emphasizes the asynchrony among cognitive, physical, social, emotional and other areas of development within the context of family and as impacted by co-parental conflict. Attachment, regression, decalage and the legal concept of the "Mature Minor" are emphasized.
Is the socially mature six year old able to understand and cope with the reality of her family's transition?
  • Is the physically impressive teenager as mature as he seems?
  • If stress induces regression and we see these kids at the most stressful point in their young lives, how are we to understand their full functional capacity?
  • How do systemic dynamics including adultification, parentification and infantilization bear on development?

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