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Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle:
Strategies for child-centered clinicians
and family law professionals

Divorce doesn't harm children. Parents do. When adults who share responsibility for a child's care put their own selfish needs first, before the child's needs, kids get caught in the middle. Forced to choose sides, taught that loving one parent is a betrayal of another, burdened with self-blame and guilt, adultified or parentified or infantilized by needy adults, these children give up their childhoods in favor of managing their parents' needs.

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Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle:
Strategies for child-centered clinicians
and family law professionals

The dynamics of high conflict co-parents which can be so harmful to a child's development can suck in the well-intended but ill-prepared child clinician, lawyer, custody evaluator, Guardian ad litem or judge. When this occurs, the professional's role can be compromised with the associated risks of professional complaints and malpractice litigation. Even more powerfully, when professionals allow themselves to become triangulated into the adult conflict, the child's needs can be neglected.
This advanced training identifies the dynamics of the high conflict family system, emphasizing character pathology, failed roles, boundaries and behavioral limits. The professional's subjective experience of the seductive parent, the needy parent and the enraged parent is taken as data relevant to parenting and the child's attachment experience. 
The critical value of role definition, structured interventions, assessments and professional relationships is emphasized. Corresponding parenting plan considerations are discussed. Professional burn-out, compassion fatigue and the need for regular peer consultation are emphasized.

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