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Conceptualize Parenting;

Consensualize Parenting Plans

The child-centered family evaluations, parenting capacity, attachment and similar evaluations so often introduced into courts routinely lack any empirical foundation in the the science of parenting.

Is this parent authoritative? Permissive? Disengaged? How is this caregiving approach suited to or harmful to the child's unique needs? Does is complement or confound the other parent's approach? And how can these observations inform the parenting plan?

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Conceptualize Parenting;
Consensualize Parenting Plans

Family law professionals are ethically bound to base their opinions in science. This dynamic and entertaining presentation teaches the science of parenting and the art of crafting child-centered parenting plans. 

The morning program examines parenting objectively: What are the risk factors for neglect and abuse? How can we distinguish authoritative from authoritarian from permission and disengaged parenting styles? What does the literature teach us about the impact of each of these styles on children's well-being?  Familiar television programs and movies illustrate each point.

The afternoon introduces the Parenting Plan Worksheet, Dr. Garber's soon-to-be published guide for parents and professionals intent on developing a child-centered parenting plan. The sixteen modules of the Worksheet discussing facets of the parenting plan are grounded in science. Each is complete with a current annotated bibliography.

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