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Process-Oriented Family Evaluation:
Understanding the child both
within and between dyads

Dr. Garber has pioneered and published a ground-breaking means of increasing the depth and meaning of child-centered family ("custody") evaluation, while simultaneously improving time- and cost-efficiency. The process-oriented protocol incorporates all the familiar components of systemic evaluation while improving external validity.

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Process-Oriented Family Evaluation:
Understanding the child both
within and between dyads

Too often, custody evaluations do little more than compare the quality of the child's relationship with one parent against the quality of the child's relationship with the other. These within-dyad measures are necessary, but not sufficient. Dr. Garber advocates a process-oriented observational paradigm that is both more time- and cost-efficient than conventional processes and more comprehensive.

Modeled after Ainsworth's Strange Situation attachment measure, the process-oriented protocol incorporates eight landmark measures of how the child and parents manage stress during transitions: separations, reunions and the hand-off when care responsibilities switch between parents. These ecologically valuable and valid measures augment our familiar interview and observational data and simultaneously save participants' time and money.

This workshop can be collapsed into a single day or expanded to two full days. In both cases, the participants leave with practical, useful means of enhancing the quality of custody evaluation.

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