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Choreographing Transitions
Between High Conflict Caregivers

Children can adapt to a caregiver's idiosyncratic rules and expectations, but often struggle when they are forced to migrate in and out of each of two very different caregiving environments over and over again. This difficulty is nowhere more evident and painful than at the moment of transition, when the child moves out of the care of one warring parent and into the care of the other.

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Choreographing Transitions
Between High Conflict Caregivers

Children read and respond to the tension between their caregivers, even when its silent. No where is the impact of co-parental conflict more common than at the point of transition.

This half-day presentation illustrates how the child's experience of co-parental conflict can fuel contact resistance and refusal which, in turn, can be easily mistaken for alienation and/or abuse, all to the child's detriment. In response to this common phenomenon, participants acquire skills and strategies with which to:
  • Structure parenting plans so as to minimize the child's experience of co-parental conflict
  • Implement therapeutic transitions to minimize adults' face to face encounters while giving the child a "port in the storm"
  • Script high conflict adults' interactions when face to face exchanges are necessary

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